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TM 5-1080-250-12&P 1-11 1-12.   CLASSIFICATION, CAMOUFLAGE SCREENING TYPES, AND CLASS    Proper identification of screens must be maintained at all times.  Do not remove or lose identification tags that are attached to screens.   Do not use a radar transparent screen in place of a radar scattering screen.  When two or more screens are joined together, ensure that the screens are of the same type by checking each screen’s identification tag.    The radar scattering ULCANS must not be placed over active radar equipment because it will seriously interfere with the operation of the radar equipment underneath it. a.     Classification, Type, Class, and Frequency.  ULCANS provides concealment of military ground equipment when tactically deployed.  ULCANS will provide visual, electro-optic, radar, and infrared signature reduction characteristics.  ULCANS Type III shall be used for general purpose, radar transparent and Type IV shall be used for general purpose, radar scattering concealment.    ULCANS Type III - Used for general purpose visual (radar transparent) concealment of tactical systems. Class 1 - Woodland Class 2 - Desert ULCANS Type IV - Used for general purpose radar scattering concealment of   tactical systems, 6-94 GHz radar scattering. Class 1 - Woodland Class 2 - Desert b.     Table 1-2, Table 1-3, and Table 1-4 provide weight, minimum support system components, and maximum pole heights for Type III and IV screen systems. Table 1-2.  Total System Weight Screen Type Total System Weight, Maximum Woodland, Type III and IV Desert, Type III and IV                92 lb              103 lb CAUTION


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