Quantcast Figure 2-16.  Ground plan, lightweight tent (M-1950).

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TM 10-8340-222-10 e. Fold   deck   of   tent   to   eave   line   over   sidewall. Place exposed guy lines on folded tent (5). f. Place  liner,  folded  in  the  same  way  as  the  tent, on top of tent (6). g. Fold  ends  of  folded  tent  and  liner  toward  center (7). h. Fold the two ends together (8). i. Place    folded    tent    and    liner    in    cover;    place screens, each folded in fourths, on top of folded tent and liner; close cover, and tie with the two tielines (9). 2-11.  Erecting (Pitching) Lightweight Tent (M-1950) NOTE The  lightweight  tent  can  be  pitched by    five    men    in    approximately    15 minutes. a. Ground Plan.  Before pitching the tent, study the ground plan carefully (fig. 2-16). Figure 2-16.  Ground plan, lightweight tent (M-1950). b. Preliminary Procedures (1, fig. 2-17). (1) Spread  tent  on  ground.    Check  to  see  if liner is in place; usually it is not in place in a new tent.  If liner is not in place, spread it out beneath tent. (2) Secure D-ring to snap inside door. (3) Close slide fastener in door. (4) Drive  six  corner  pins  and   two   door   pins and attach footstops to pins. 2-20


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