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TM 10-8340-222-10 Figure 1-4.  Tent, hexagonal, lightweight, M-1950 1-6.  Tent, Arctic, 10-Man a. Description  and  Use.      The   10-man   arctic   tent (fig.  1-1)  is  a  six-sided  pyramidal  tent  supported  by  a telescopic  center  pole.    It  is  used  to  provide  shelter  for 10-men  with  equipment  under  arctic  conditions.    It  also may  be  used  as  a  command  post  tent  or  as  a  small storage tent. b. Material.    The  tent  is  made  of  8.5-ounce  olive- drab  wind-resistant  sateen  cotton  cloth  which  is  coated with a weather, water, and mildew-resistant compound. c. Doors.    The  tent  has  two  doors  5  feet  high  on opposite   sides,   permitting   tents   to   be   joined   together with suitable access from one to the other.  Door flaps may be securely closed either by slide fasteners or by  loops  over  wood  toggles.    The  doors  are  operated from both inside and outside. d. Ventilation.    The  tent  has  four  built-in  ventilators on  opposite  sides  and  near  the  peak  of  the  tent.    The ventilators have inside ducts, which may be closed by tie cords.    The  ventilator  hoods  are  of  the  fixed  type,  each hood  being  constructed  with  a  stiffener  in  the  hem  to keep it extended out from the ventilator opening. e. Heating.      The   tent   is   heated   by   an   M-1950 Yukon   stove.      A   stovepipe   opening   with   a   silicone rubber-molded  ring  is  built  in  one  side  of  the  tent  near the eave.  When the stove is not in use, the 1-5


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