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ARMY TM 10-8340-211-13 AIR FORCE TO 35E5-1-101 e. Do not attempt to drive tent pins into hard, frozen ground if the force required is excessive.  Instead, chop small holes into the ground, insert tent pins into holes, and fill holes with slush or water; in a short time the tent pins will be  firmly  anchored.    When  removing  pins  from  frozen  ground,  always  chop  them  out;  never  hammer  them sideways to break them loose. f. Snow carried into a tent will melt and wet sleeping bags and clothing.  The following precautions should be taken to keep snow out of tents: (1) Each man must take care to brush all snow from his clothing and boots before entering a tent. (2) One man should enter the tent first and take the sleeping bags, packs, and other articles from the other man after the items have been brushed off completely. 4-9.  Erection of Small General Purpose Tent. a. Unpack tent (para.  4-4), then perform preventive maintenance check and services (table 2-1). b. Study the ground plan (figure 4-2) carefully before erecting tent. CAUTION Lift tent body up off ground when removing guy lines from under it, and avoid possible damage to screen doors. c. Refer to figure 4-3 (View A) and spread tent on ground so that doors are in the desired position. d. Close front (1) and rear (2) doors by fastening snaphooks to matching D-rings on inside of door (3), close both slide fasteners, then fasten outside snaphooks in matching D-rings (4). e. Drive footstop pins (5) (fig.  4-3) at the six corners, two at each door (6), then attach footstop line (7) to each pin. NOTE Never angle a tent pin away from tent.  Drive 9 inch aluminum pins or 12 inch steel pins straight up-and- down.    Pins  angled  away  from  tent  have  more  leverage  from  the  tent  line.    When  canvas  gets  wet  and shrinks, the pin acts like a lever and enlarges the hole, loosening the pin. f. Measure 11 ft 8 in.  from each corner, mark distance, then check that a line between each two directly opposite corners is a straight line.  Drive 9 inch aluminum pins straight up and down in mark, then attach the six corner eave lines to pins (8, View B). g. Unsnap front door snaphook from D-ring (4) on outside, open slide fastener (9), then enter tent with center pole adjusted to 10 ft.  6 in. h. Position point of center pole (10) in peak plate, raise center pole and tent body (11) until pole is vertical, then tighten corner eave guy lines (8) just enough to hold center pole (9) upright. i. Adjust the two door eave poles (12 View C) to 7 ft., adjust the six corners eave poles (13) to 5 ft., then insert spindle  of  poles  in  grommet  provided,  and  raise  each  pole  to  the  vertical  as  it  is  positioned  in  the  grommet. Tighten the comer eave guy lines (8). 4-4 Change 2


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